‘One To Look Out For’, CapeFox is Back Out of His Den

You may remember last summer, I got all giddy and excited over an Electronic Hip-Hop artists going by the name of CapeFox.

If you didn’t, please find it HERE, but to summarise, I described him as my ‘gateway drug’ into Electronic music, claiming, ‘I was mesmerized and hypnotised throughout’.


And I was. I even went on to use one of his tracks – the hauntingly incredible, ‘Teacups’ – in a short film I produced in September.

So, I’ve been sat here this year, twiddling my thumbs, wondering when Musically Fresh’s ‘One to Look Out For in 2015’, was going to finally answer my prayers.
And browsing Facebook last night, I was given my answer.

Last night, CapeFox posted the following picture, with the caption, ‘Filming for a new track! Exciting stuff’.


You’re damn right it’s exciting stuff! After a couple of back-and-forth emails, I found out a little more information.

‘I have a new track finished (currently) called ‘Chan’, although may be subject to change’ CapeFox told me.

He then informed me that ‘Chan’ (possibly ‘Chan’), will be accompanied with the DIY video which he is filming in coalition with friend, Jemima Fahy, a second year Dance student and choreographer.

CapeFox went on to say he hopes the video completion and release with be ready for the end of May/beginning of June.

It still astonishes me more people don’t know the name or sounds of CapeFox, and I hope these new releases will propel him into the ears of a greater audience. But he’s got our support, and I highly suggest you go check him out at the following links. And whilst you’re there, hit ‘Play’ on the embedded stream of his superb EP, L’amour Et La Mort.


Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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