Fresh Picks: Unyielding Love – Not For The Faint of Hearing…

Unyielding Love – Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

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Photo credit – Shane Malone.

Unyielding Love is a band I stumbled upon via ‘Heavy Blog Is Heavy’ journalist Jake Tiernan (who has a remarkable taste in music as I’ve come to learn), who satisfied a necessity in extreme music I didn’t know existed.

Out of Belfast, Northern Ireland, they have taken a long standing tradition of melding harsh noise and power electronics with the Death Metal-meets-D-Beat attack of Grindcore. Where Grind and Noise fusions have existed and gained a lot of love by listeners who crave sonic extremes, Unyielding Love takes it to places that are endemic to their identity as a band.

Theres less of a focus on pulsating rhythms in noise à la Merzbow, more so with a harsh noise wall and atmospheres thick and foggy with distorted, undiscerned, and frankly horrifying sounds.

This band’s latest entry, Demo 2015, serves it’s purpose excellently, in roughly sixteen minutes of music that I feel I need to hear in it’s entirety every time I turn it on. In it’s entirety, its a constant attack of something so terrifying, even more tame fans of Metal and Punk would acknowledge the sound this group brings to the table.

This band has reached a sonic extreme that puts them up there with The Body or their English colleagues in Dragged Into Sunlight.

The production of this record is suited and appropriate for this release as a demo, with a very distant and low-fidelity, dull mix fogged up by noisey and hellish atmospheres winding back to the nostalgia of early Grind and Death Metal demos out of many countries in northern Europe and predominantly, Scandinavia.

I eagerly await new records, new live videos, and hopefully lots of touring away from their little island, where in many cities the jaded and tired ears of grind freaks need a swift and unapologetic shock.

Find them:

  • For updates on the daily-grind(core) find them on Facebook.
  • Demo 2015 can be found on bandcamp.



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