They’re Coming To Get You Barbara and The ‘Nothing Changes’ EP.

They’re Coming To Get You Barbara – Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.


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When you think of Liverpool, you will almost always think of its relevance to world Football or past that, it’s notoriety for spawning the band that basically invented the idea of a touring band, The Beatles.

Now both those things are all well and good based on your own subjective tastes but what of the underground music scene of the midland city? This is where a band with a name that produced far too much laughter from me it was worrying come in; They’re Coming To Get You Barbara.

TCTGYB released their most recent EP, the three-track, Nothing Changes back in October 2016 in the latest installment of their nigh-on idiosyncratic blend of Southern-style Hard Rock & Metal in the vein of Black Stone Cherry and what can only be described as Muse-ism and a helpful dose of Alternative Rock.

‘The Longest Wait’ almost feels as if the band have replaced Jimmy Eat World with a British version with an increasing amount electronic shavings and dominating Synths; a very real worry for those in the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 reference aside, ‘The Longest Wait’ shows the band at their most light and melodic with the said Jimmy Eat World-ism soaring. With this first track you can still hear the hints at heavier band but they are subdued by this light contrast to the band’s previous releases.

You don’t feel necessarily dissatisfied with track one but with ‘Jump!’ you feel far closer to home. Track two employs a far more Metal inclined approach with a slight Symphonic Metal touch through the use of further Synths and the impressive and indeed dominating melodic vocals. Said vocals sit at their strongest on the chorus alongside the more stripped down Alternative Rock sound that itself contrasts very well with the Metal on offer within the verses.

It is perfectly reasonable to say that this band aren’t one for someone who prefers simple and easy listening music. This is EP is complicated, over the top and as abrasive and jagged as it is melodic and welcoming. This is EP is confusing but despite all this, it really is something.

The final track marks itself as the premier of the three but a few seconds in before you’ve really even heard enough. Why? Well its anthemic and melodic tone strongly implies a set of strong hooks, driving rhythms and an emotionality not yet seen with its predecessors.

This is exactly what you get. In many ways you can hear slight Pop-Punk/Emo-isms and in others, you see the track as sat stylistically between the previous two in such a way that you cant help but take a step back and feel that this confusing albeit solid EP has ended the only way it could have.

Find the band below:

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