Forever Unclean – ‘Float’ The Forthcoming 7″.

Forever Unclean – Copenhagen, Denmark.

Forever Unclean Promo

This might just be our first audio-trip to Denmark and I really fancy a Danish. No, this time, this time I am not talking about a deliciously sweet and crumbly pastry. No, I am rather speaking of fast, abrasive yet playful and smile inducing Pop-Punk infused Skate Punk. Obviously.

That’s the one, we’re in Copenhagen thanks to London’s Disconnect Disconnect Records to give a brief inspection on the forthcoming second release from local Punks, Forever Unclean.

The band take influence and have great adoration of for likes of Gnarwolves and fellow UK band Bangers. Both of the aforementioned being masters of their gruff and jagged Punk-Rock that still cuts as deep as the genre often does but leaves its audience smiling and having the time of their lives.


At least that is direct response I had to this EP. Float and its sonic versatility is perhaps its biggest strength. Forever Unclean carry over everything stand-out form their 2015 EP Shreds and simply enhance it into four more tracks that are edging closer to record players as we speak.

On contemporary Pop-Punk bills, the band would be the gritty jagged band, on the Punk-Rock bills they’d be the fast and playful that elitists would pretend to dislike and secretly enjoy in their suppressed smiles. Forever Unclean and this record are exactly what they are in their honest Punk-Rock and it yields no complaints from me.

Disconnect Disconnect Records will be releasing this EP on a ditty little vinyl very soon (24th March) and that probably isn’t soon enough. But enough of that, it’s high time we heard some of this record to peak some interest.

Find the band and Disconnect Disconnect Records below:


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