Scornthroats and The ‘Misfortune’ LP.

Scornthroats – Cagliari, Italy.


Scornthroats, formally Rise After Defeat, have been releasing music since 2011. Music that is perhaps only really best described as utterly visceral organised chaos, that is barely confined within an amalgamation of Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk and riffs that touch upon the not so distant shores of contemporary Black Metal.

The band have extensively toured Europe and the UK since 2011, with their latest LP Misfortune having actually been written and recorded in the UK before the band returned to their current base in Cagliari, Italy.

‘Burn all the flags, smash all the creeds.
Build a new world with no more beliefs.
We are the wolves. We have no lords.
We declare you war. We spread our scorn.
No more gods.’

The opening track greets you with the defiant Anarchistic words above but not before a foreboding blanket is placed over your immediate surroundings. Surface lacerating riffage is your instrumental greeting as it screams at you through Black Metal toned leads and classic old-school Hardcore pace. This first track is your induction to a maelstrom of sound you are about to be utterly and forcibly absorbed by.

‘Darkest Kingdom’ sent my mind back to the masters of the Hardcore/Crust union, From Ashes Rise. It is here that Scornthroats begin to balance the aspects of their sound further as this second track attempts to show you each of the sharpened prongs that constitute the band’s sound before ‘Mislead Youth’ treads this ground further.

One of the highlights for myself at this point on the record is how the band distinguish their two primary variations of their signature driven melodic leads. The band take on the “typical” lean contemporary Crust has to melodic Punk-Rock on one hand and the Black Metal version on the other, with each complimenting the Punk and Metal within their sound.

With ‘Shame’, you reach the half way point and the 6 of 12. You are tired and need to recuperate in a way and with this slower stripped down thudding track you are granted some sort of rest-bite… eventually.

With ‘Dead Moon’ you are treated to more of the band’s classic Hardcore Punk but also some of the most foreboding and best melodic guitar work on the release. ‘Dead Moon’ leads perfectly onto another blast of Hardcore and only really stops to add a vocal refrain of terrifyingly strained rage filled lead and backing vocals.

‘Pure Scorn’ very much sounds like its allotted name, while the next-in-line eponymous track cathartically releases its frustration and realisation.

‘I couldn’t see and I couldn’t breath.
I’ve turned my back on everything
There’s no excuse, I’ve been refused.
And now I know, It doesn’t mean shit to me.’

The following ‘Tyrants Downfall’ is perhaps the best of the Punk songs on this release while the chilling and instrumental ‘Silence Is Golden’ contrasts it well before the haunting and heavy-set ‘Cult Of Misery’ overrules with its whirling crescendos and onset Hardcore tempo. This is all done in a manner that shows Scornthroats if nothing more to be a solid and well built Hardcore Punk-Rock band.

‘Evil Reigns’ closes and I will leave you to decide how well… if you’re still with us at this point that is.

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Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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