Trashed Ambulance and The ‘A Dime For Every Time’ EP.

Trashed Ambulance – Red Dear, Alberta, Canada.

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Thousand Islands Records have been steadily growing their roster since we reviewed their very first release in March 2016. You can find it – Here – and since then MF has featured more from the roster of this label upstart and with that, we sit down with the latest from another band we have seen before, Trashed Ambulance and their latest via Thousand Islands Records.

‘Hangover Drive’ instantaneously breathes up-beat melodic Skate Punk in the manner of vintage Strung Out. The “piss-taking” not remotely serious quirks of Canadian Punk are also as instantaneous and you feel at home with the smouldering wreckage of this trashed medical four-wheeler.

The clock of life is broken and to be frank shit is fucked and Trashed Ambulance relish in it. ‘Metronome’ is a anthem of snotty-Punk abandon. Musically, the melodic guitar leads are in perfect contrast with the abrasive vocals and with the playful plucking of the mid to late refrain, ‘Metronome’ serves purpose with a smile.

‘Doofus’ even before you have heard it lends ideas of bratty-Punk humour. Musically, it’s another fast and melodic track that carries more of the classic Pop-Punk a influence on the sound of these medical unprofessionals. It’s this point on the release that the production values deserve credit as this new EP is as squeaky clean as gritty Alberta Punk gets and it works.

By the time of ‘Candy Strippers’ the seriousness of this EP should cease to be thought after. That said, lyrically speaking don’t be put off by the immature titles, for the content is far more quote worthy than you might think.

‘Mulligan’ follows suit, but with the vital difference of a slowing things down as even even Skate Punkers need a rest! ‘Mulligan’ is rife with Pop-Punk melodies and sits as one of highlights of the release that by this stage, may admittedly be somewhat repetitive to an extent but doesn’t let that technicality stop it, for fun is fun.

Speaking of which, ‘Effin 101’ is in continuity but finishes the EP with a more personal edge in a story of reconciliation plied with harder rhythms and welcome darker melodies. The tight nature of the band is unrelenting here and shows further improvement from the band’s debut.

A Dime For Every Time is reliable Canadian Punk-Rock and if you’re a fan of such, not to mention the likes of Strung Out, Dillinger Four, Guttermouth, and more, do check out Thousand Islands Records while you’re being botched up.

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