Ghostly Beard and The ‘Infinite’ EP.

Ghostly Beard – Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Montreal based and enigmatic Ghostly Beard gains brownie points for his name alone and the known but unknown way in which he operates. Patrick Talbot has taken to music later on life in lieu of regret at not doing such earlier. Mr. Talbot has recently released the Infinite EP as his first in what will seemingly be a long line of Indie Music releases taking this regret and turning it into something far more positive, drive.

Using the moniker of Ghostly Beard the man behind the beard itself is visibly unknown by human eyes but via the world of social media is more than visible, with his respective Facebook and Twitter profiles constantly active. So with that little introduction, the Infinite EP.

Ghostly Beard very much cites a wide array of influences from small-time contemporary Indie to the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and more. ‘Close Your Eyes’ may well be almost six minutes in duration but it is six minutes semi-acoustic Blues, Jazz and Indie crossovers with enough Synths and general “floating sounds” that you are nothing but enthralled.

Despite the current locale the of the project and ties to France, David Bowie-esque, English accented vocals greet you as the progressive Indie-Pop carries you forth. ‘Frozen In Time’ is strange, which is a comment that could easily describe the EP itself. Warped, Psychedelic and progressive Pop melodies take away the acoustic guitars for something that could easily fit an equally warped TV or Film montage.

I’m not sure whether “Classic Prog” is a term you can really use but it is a fitting term within the context of Ghostly Beard as you could really see the EP and especially ‘No Return’ playing away in the golden and uncertain early age of Prog-Rock.

The calm, relaxing and playful ‘Limitless’ allows you to take notice of its sad lyrics as much as it doesn’t. This penultimate track is perhaps the best on the release lyrically speaking as its bleak message juxtaposes itself with a slight optimism, albeit it sparingly. Musically,  Soft-Rock with crooning guitars channeling Soft-Jazz and Blues influence are nothing but inviting as Ghostly Beard takes a slightly altered course from the “weird” and focusses on the “wonderful”.

Infinite finishes on the ever-so chilled instrumental ‘Winter Dance’ where more of the soft, warm and inviting ear-worming guitars guide you away from am EP that although strange, is really quite enjoyable.

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