MF Premiere: Hope Street – ‘Back To The Grey’ (Video).

Hope Street – Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

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Perth Punk-Rock band Hope Street are preparing to release their follow up to the 2016 EP Rebel Hearts EP set for an early 2018 release. Today, the band are premiering their new video on Musically Fresh with it being the first in a run of singles ahead of this next chapter in the band’s career.

‘Back To The Grey’ takes the band’s channeling of the gruff- Post-Hardcore-led ground work laid by Hot Water Music and infuses it further into their already emotive and anthemic Punk-Rock sound. ‘Back To Grey’ also takes influence from further back in the timeline with strong driven late 80’s Dag Nasty-esque guitar melodies driven on frantic but progressively subdued Punk tempo much in lieu of those fateful years of progressive Punk. Fateful and crucial.

‘Back To Grey’ is tuneful beyond melodic Punk music, for Hope Street add a slight penchant for Indie Rock alongside this classic Post-Hardcore focus adding depth to this new direction.

‘Back To The Grey’ is nothing but touching. Hope Street have taken something sombre and distressing in a completely relatable manner in one of the most quotable songs of the year. The band bombard you with a set of positive and heart warming messages cohesively, relentlessly and in a completely relatable fashion.

Finally, some serious commendation has to be given to the video itself as Hope Street and in particular drummer Victor Lim who has himself premiered his production and directing skills for this DIY video.

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