Tempotantrum and his Weekend Friends – Charity Digital Release

Here at Musically Fresh, we’ve never done anything for charity.

I mean, we are givers… but, you know…

However, we were recently contacted by Isle of Wight-based DJ/producer, Tempotantrum, asking if we’d take a look at his digital LP, Weekend Friends, and it’s certainly an exciting one.


Because not only is this his first digital release, and not only does it feature twelve tracks by a heaped handful of scene-stirring artists, but all the proceeds raised by this album are going directly to charity.

Commendable stuff. Why, you might ask? Because these guys may have a dedicated following, but they are not huge household names. They’re just a group of friends who love making music, and were decent enough to produce something where others (and not just us listeners) will benefit.

And who is benefitting? Well, the money raised will be split between two charities; Cancer Research UK and a local Isle of Wight charity called The Earl Mountbatten Hospice. And I can personally say that as an Isle of Wighter, I respect and praise this hospice for all they have done and continue to do.

(Please click on the links of each of the charities to find out more about their work and how you can provide a gift that can really benefit another person).

Hit PLAY and stream the full album below:

But onto the Music.

Now, this is not one of those releases that commands a track-by-track analysis, because the quality that should be recognised first is within each of the supporting artists.

What I will say is that if you enjoy Electronic , House, Trap and Dubstep – and all the sub-genres in-between – then this is definitely an album that stands tall amongst the ranks of those competitive and ever-evolving genres.

Seriously, as you’ve noticed, MF tends to stay on the Rock/Punk/Alternative in terms of genres, but there are some tracks on this album that are bordering on pure EPIC. Tempotentrum’s ‘This Addiction’ being a personal favourite as a stand out.

Tempotantrum along with Too Greezey, Sepia, ZUU MusicCoRiKTAL, SNOOPA and Mind Simulations (Recognise that name? Probably because you remember him from HERE), all donated their time and names to this outstanding release, and are seven guys that have honed their individual skills and sounds within Electronic music, and Weekend Friends showcases the effort, fun and love from the artists, through the music and straight to the audience.

And there’s that good deed thrown in there as well.

To download this album, head over to Tempotantrum’s bandcamp profile HERE, and pay donate your petty change of £2 to two amazing charities in return for twelve electrifying and speaker-rousing tracks.

And keep up-to-date with Tempotantrum and his weekend friends at the following links, because you never know when you might just get to say, ‘Oh, I remember when I first heard them…’

#StayFresh and #StayHumble

Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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