CapeFox (& Friends) Release new Single and Video – ‘Chan’

CapeFox is back. Seriously, we love this guy.

If you still haven’t been introduced to his music, click HERE and go listen. It was some of the most hypnotic and entrancing Electonic music I’ve ever heard, and really pushed me into really appreciating the genre.


But onto the new, and last month we revealed that the Electronic artist/genius, CapeFox, was working on new plans after he revealed a “behind the scenes” photo of his video shoot for his new single, ‘Chan’. The music video was a working collaboration between Swindon born, now CapeFox, and choreography and dace student, Jemima Fahy.

We hate to sound like E! or TMZ, but we can also reveal these two are housemates at university. OMG exclusive, much?

Being housemates/friends, the creative pair try to collaborate when possible, and this piece not only acted as a music video for CapeFox, but also as a portfolio piece for Jemima’s university course and her dance company, Jemima Rose Dance.

But onto the music & video. This is ‘Chan’.

The new single, ‘Chan’, is a wonderfully paced, slow tempo soundtrack. I call it a ‘soundtrack’ because I believe CapeFox also possesses the ability to create incredible pieces of (lyric-less) emotive music, that suit accompanying visuals. (FYI, I did use a CapeFox track on a short film I created during my MA course… so I do stand by my word.)

The track is fairly unchanging throughout its duration, which isn’t a negative as it does allows the listener to become completely absorbed and lost in its 4:55 entirety. Stick it on “Repeat” and you could be lost for an hour.

Now onto the dancing.

Now, I am no dance expert. But my significant other is a Dance and Theatre graduate, and had the following to say on the choreography;

‘The techniques displayed in the video showcased the physical strength and personality within each individual. The grounded movements were a perfect marriage for CapeFox’s Earthy sound. A very clean and well-executed piece of contemporary dance.’

Altogether, the two have created a combined sample of both their works which they can be proud of.

As per request, here’s a rundown of the people involved. Maybe you note their names down and in a few years time, remember that you saw them here first, yeah?

  • Choreographer: Jemima Fahy
  • Camera Director: Terry Kitto
  • Camera Operators: Lauren Carter and Ella Turner
  • Editor: Oliver Chater
  • Performers: Louise Brant, Beth Ireland, Flora McMurtie and Jaz Moast
  • Lighting Assistant: Nick Humphrey


There we have it. Another nice track from CapeFox, and I’m once again looking forward to more.  Still at university and I think he’s got his creative head firmly set on a successful career in this industry. Find CapeFox at on Facebook and Twitter, and browse his previous releases and purchase ‘Chan’ under the “Name Your Price” bracket on his personal bandcamp.

And check out Jemima’s website here:


Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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