WindfallFound – New Track & Video Release

Over the pond now, and a visit to St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, where possibly the most optimistic band to ever feature on Musically Fresh have released a new track and video.


WindfallFound are a five-piece, Soundtrack group, that describe themselves as ‘best friends who sit around and talk about the future’.

Their first album – 63 Views Of The Day & Night Sky – was released in 2013, and since then, the guys have gone on to form their own identity of ambition in the arts. Let’s just say, it sounds like it’s well worth catching a live gig.

Here’s the new track and video from the up-coming album, Pulling for the Heavens, titled, ‘Soaring – Pulling for the Heavens Pt. 1’ – Your “Soundtrack of possibility”.

Firstly, let’s just congratulate the world’s most stimulating and heartening track title ever.  Looking back at 63 Views Of The Day & Night Sky, and their creativity behind “titles” makes me wonder just what they could do if they if they attached lyrics. Seriously, you had me at ‘Soaring’.

To steal a direct quite from the band, ‘It’s hopeful and exciting because we are hopeful and excited.’

And now I am…

It’s a track that is three and a half minutes of peace and tranquillity, which calmly embeds a feeling of promise and content with our world.

Gentle guitar work, a nice beat of the drums, and synth that seems to have come through the window on a gentle spring breeze, everything just screams – In fact, nothing “screams”, it just quietly discusses with you over a beer when you’re ready to talk about it.

Perhaps – for the majority – this track will never be on repeat, or a favourite on the playlists. But for the moments where it plays and you listen, you take that time to yourself and realise just how okay everything really is.

Technology can point the way to a future of limitless promise, as it improves the wellbeing of mankind’.

It’s nice to hear words like those and not feel an overwhelming sense of irony or sarcasm. This is a group that is remaining uncompromised – and hopes to pass that positivity onto their listeners… if only for a moment.

WindfallFound 2

I’m looking forward to Part 2, WindfallFound.

If you’re looking for a group to write the soundtrack to your life, as perhaps you feel like living a life as blissfully unaware and carefree like Truman from The Truman Show, then get involved at the following links:


Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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  1. September 1, 2015

    […] can find my words on their first single, ‘Soaring (Pulling for the Heavens Pt.1)’, HERE, but for a brief recap, I described it as being, ‘three and a half minutes of peace and […]

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