Fairview – In Search Of… ‘Warmth’ – The New Single & Video.

Fairview – Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


Cover photo credit – Isha.
For our article on the band’s previous single – Click Here.

The track review linked above is called ‘J’ai une âme solitaire’, it showcased Fairview version 2016, a melancholic, yet up-beat blend of the band’s own signature ‘Moody Indie Rock‘ via heartfelt yet strong undertones of Grunge and Post-Punk, playful Indie and a light flutter of ironically strong percussion.

That may have been a mouthful, but the Bristol boys deserve it.

That was then, it’s now time to find ‘Warmth’. Now, if Fairview were reluctantly admitting the love-loss in the world in the former single, in ‘Warmth’ things have moved along. You find the cure or the remedy but it’s never that easy, the person who could save you knows you too well and knows the self-destructive path you’ll fall or gravitate too. Warmth with a price.

Musically, the familiar Indie-gloom and the soft almost dulcet vocals full of emotion kick off immediately. It’s hard to say which of the tracks I prefer, ‘Warmth’ has a slightly harder rhythm section in the chorus parts, in an ode to the Grunge side of their sound. I look forward to the next in the running order as the collected release it seems, will not be a disappointment.


And the video? Well, if the location wasn’t breathtaking enough, you get to experience it with the perfect soundtrack. Find all things Fairview below:


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