#WhatWeMissed: Three Grams – Denver’s Punk-Rock ‘Awakening’.

Three Grams – Denver, Colorado, USA.


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The first in our #WhatWeMissed series charts the new EP from Denver’s Three Grams, who recently released their first numerically substantial release since 2012’s Forever Hold Your Piece.

The new EP is entitled Awakening, and I would be so bold to say that it is one of the finest Punk-Rock releases of the year, with a sound nigh-on impossible to fault and an accosting conviction borne from its status as a rage filled product of its surroundings.

The bands older material leans closer to “Crack Rock Steady” issue Ska, with a slightly more playful tone sometimes accompanying their ferocious Melodic Hardcore. It certainly did the job but in hindsight, was but a stage in the evolution of this five-piece.



‘Hellaluyah’ could easily pass for an obnoxiously humoured Punk-critique by the implied nature of it’s title, a fast song, melodic and playful in its own way. This really isn’t the case however.

After a brief Ska-led intro and verse, you feel at home – pre-existing fan or no, before the vocal chords strain into a scream and the five-piece unleash their rage as they begin their assault on the issue of Religious Extremism and global Terrorism. The band sound close-knit and seamless, with songwriting and vocals shining, showing improvement across the board.

‘Religious Extremists are terrorists, no matter if they’re Jewish-Muslim-Christian – if you put a gun or a bomb to decide somebody’s fate, you should be put out to pasture with your outdated ideals…’

Punk-Rock is a product of rage, disaffection and raw emotionality and with global (un)stability as it is, more and more are taking a stand against the coming tide and the issues plaguing both the individual and the masses simultaneously via this writhing and restless medium.

Denver boys Three Grams do exactly that with what was the lead single and now the second track of this EP, ‘Before The Fall’, a violent stand against police brutality. Our previous full review of the track can be found – Here.

Fans of Rise Against, IgniteStrike Anywhere and maybe a slither of Star Fucking Hipsters – or any of that epoch – need apply.

‘Raise Our Voices’ was the second single released as a taster for Awakening. A re-hash of an earlier number, track three is more light-hearted and if it wasn’t already, is set to become a firm fan favourite as an anthem of Punk-Rock community.

At this stage, the only real credible and justified criticism I held upon first listen and still hold now, is that I wish Awakening was longer. Three Grams have gained so much ground with every element sounding in every way the stronger. They are a band that has constructed an EP solidly culminated from the heart and mind, as well as from a strong analysis and awareness of their environment.

‘Stud Your Ego’ is no different and closes the EP with its Hardcore Punk base, laden with Ska refrains and bridges in statement of the bands roots.

In the second paragraph I boldly stated that this EP is one of the finest Punk-Rock releases of this year and I firmly stand by that.

In ‘Punk Rock Song’, Bad Religion once remarked – ‘This is just a Punk-Rock song, written for the people who can see somethings wrong…‘. Well, this is just a Punk-Rock EP, written by the people, for the people, who see that something is indeed very wrong.

Find everything Three Grams below:

  • Facebook and Twitter have all the appropriate measurements.
  • The band’s older material can be found on bandcamp alongside Awakening, which can also be found on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


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